Gertrude McHoneyGoose (mchoneygoose) wrote in hp_valentine,
Gertrude McHoneyGoose

Valentine's gift for rillathegrape

Gift for: rillathegrape

title: the surprise
author: julie levin russo (projectcyborg)
pairing: Hermione/Hermione
rating: PG
words: 100+100
for: rillathegrape, who requested femmeslash. this isn't one of her preferred pairings, but since she does seem to like Hermione hopefully this will satisfy.

The flowers were riotously organic, bursting from between the volumes in a tumble of pink.

I attempted to parse the incongruity. (Carrel 11: Granger. Romantic holiday. No known admirers.)

Behind me, a startling thud. I turned to see my own face peering around the stacks.

(Another Hermione? Time turner... Very expressly forbidden!)

"Look, I know it's against the rules" (almost-my voice). I resisted backing up as she approached. "But I know what you really want for Valentine's Day."

One breath feathered against my lips, and then I was being kissed. Tasting the shimmer of time (forever turning me into her).
I didn't conceive of wanting myself until I watched her find the bouquet. With memory as my Rosetta stone, I could translate every thought written across her forehead, cheekbones, jawline, spine.

(My consternation is beautiful.)

I had toppled the book by accident before I recalled the noise.

(My eyes wide and riveted: I know exactly how you feel.)

I did it because I had already done it. Because it's not a day to be alone. But as I took a step toward her desire bloomed under my sternum, hungry to read my experience on the surface (from the outside in).
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